How to Nail Nude Lips like Jessica Alba and J.Lo

As we scrolled through last night’s red carpet photos, we noticed a major trend: everyone’s gone nude! Well, on their lips, that is. Both Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez nailed the nude look. New mom Jessica showed off a pink-nude mouth (which complements her pale complexion), while J.Lo’s shiny warm tone worked perfectly with her olive skin. 

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We don’t really think Jess called Jen and said, "Hey, how are you planning to do your hair and makeup for this thing tonight? Let’s be twins!" But they do both have their caramel-highlighted hair parted and softly pinned back, smoky eyes, thick brows, and neutral lips.

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It seems like a nude lip would be simple: just skip lip color and add a touch of clear gloss. But most of us don’t actually have nude-pink lips. Our kissers—just like our skin tones—come in a variety of tones…which is why, to nail the nude lip, you have to follow these three steps: 

  1. To make lips smooth and plump, apply a moisturizing clear lip balm.
  2. Color in your lips with your concealer to cancel out your natural lip color. If you don’t like how thick your concealer feels on your lips, you can use a lip pencil that matches your skin tone instead.
  3. Now swipe on a shiny gloss or lipstick. Go for a nude with a touch of pink in it if your skin is like Jessica’s (like Guerlain Rouge Automatique in 101, $35, or for a true nude, just swipe on clear gloss, like CoverGirl WetSlicks in Clear Radiance, $5.99,