How To: Get the Perfect Brow

Nothing adds character to a face like perfectly groomed eyebrowsand by that we don't mean the pencil-thin, painted-on ones! These days, it's important to think of brows as your friend, not your enemy, and to use your tweezers strategically. Just look at how Brazlian starlet Camilla Belle's dark, perfectly under-plucked brows define her striking beauty, and you can see why it's so important to keep them trimmed, orderly and groomed just so. Here are five tips to keep yours in line:

Start by getting your eyebrows shaped at a salon. If you're unsure of where to go, ask someone who you trust to recommend a good place.
Once a professional captures the shape for you, then you can just maintain them at home.

Every morning before you put on your makeup, carefully go through your brows with tweezers and pluck out any stray hairs between your arches and your hairline and above your eyes.

Direction is key: Comb your eyebrows upward so that they create a jagged line on the top, then use the comb to swipe across evenly.

Even after following these steps, you're bound to have an imperfection or two. Dab a straight angle in eyebrow powder, and fill in wherever your brows are a little scant...but don't go overboard!

If your brows are particularly unruly, you can even spray a little hairspray into your fingertips and style them down so they stay in place. Be careful to keep the product out of your eyes.

—Serena Kim