How-To: Blush to Perfection

A touch of blush on the apples of your cheeks can give you a healthful, well-rested appearance (even if you're reaching for the Red Bull). But all too often, it’s the first thing to rub off as soon as you get outside. You don’t want to pile it on and end up with scary clown cheeks.

Adhere to this how-to guide for perfect blushing from Joanne Hwang, National Makeup Artist for Becca Cosmetics:

TRY placing a subtle hint of Becca’s Beach Tint over foundation for extra-long blush staying power. "The Beach Tint can also double as a lip color, it's streak-free, non-greasy, kiss-proof, and water-resistant," says Hwang.

BLEND well. We can’t repeat this enough! It’s the most fundamental technique of makeup artists everywhere.

SMILE and apply powder blush with a large, soft blush brush on the apples of cheeks and nose. If your skin tends to be dry, you can also try Becca’s Crème Blush instead of powder blush. If it's oily, do anther application of Beach Tint over your foundation.

DUST entire face with a light coat of translucent powder. It will help keep all the makeup in place. Voila! Now you’ve got some color on those cheeks.

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Serena Kim