The Hottest Makeup Trends to Try this Fall

Your nails are set, your hair color’s updated…now let’s focus on your face. Here are five ways to freshen up your look for fall. 

1. Fall Beauty Trends: Marisol Nichols

Spider Lashes

Let loose and load on the mascara! As Marisol Nichols proves, more is more when it comes to lashes this season. Even after a bunch of coats of volumizing mascara (we like Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes, $25,, a few inspired Latina staffers have been adding individual false lashes to statement-making success. To make lashes clumpier, dust lashes with eye shadow in between coats of mascara, then add a final coat to the tips.  

2. Fall Beauty Trends: Salma Hayek

Dramatic Eyeliner

Step aside smoky eye—the new eye look is Salma Hayek’s cat eye. Brush a thick stroke of carbon black gel eyeliner (like Tarte emphasEyes, $22, across your upper lashline, extending it a bit past the outer corner of your eyes. Then add mascara to both top and bottom lashes.

3. Fall Beauty Trends: Naya Rivera

Bright Blush

Naya Rivera shows off her playful side with this season’s bold-n-bright poppy blush look. The idea is to look youthful and healthy—like you just came inside from a chilly morning run—to try out the trend, blend a coral-pink blush (try Stila Custom Color Blush, $20, down to the hollows of your cheeks and out to your hairline. 

4. Fall Beauty Trends: Camilla Belle

Bold Brows

Camilla Belle’s brow guru, Brett Freedman, explains that to get her “uber-ample, uber-modern arch” you need to work with your natural shape. “Tweeze the cobweb-y hairs that grow outside your main brow shape and the hairs below your arch,” says Freedman. Then flick a brow pencil (Brett uses his Vanitymark pencil, $16, that’s one shade lighter than your brows through the hairs to fill in any gaps and make arches full. 

5. Fall Beauty Trends: Sofia Vergara

Flawless, Nude-All-Over Skin

It’s not dewy, it’s not matte—it’s the perfect in-between. For flawless skin like Sofia Vergara’s, smooth a lightweight foundation (we love CoverGirl NatureLuxe, $12, evenly all over your face with a blending sponge, like the Beauty Blender, $40,  

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