A Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Collection

Spring brings the "out with the old, in with the new" vibe. While cleaning out your closets and kitchen cupboards, don’t forget about your beauty products. It’s the perfect time to make an inventory of what you have, need, along with restocking on your faves. Here are ways to clean up your makeup collection. 
User Vs. Hoarder Mentality
We’ve all been guilty of going into a drugstore for one mascara and leaving with a lipstick, eyeliner and more. Impulsive buys happen, but in the spirit of spring cleaning, making an inventory of the items you use a lot versus the ones collecting dust on your vanity is important. Look through those palettes, liners, lipsticks and be honest with yourself on products you use compared to the one’s you’ll try “some day.” It will free up space, and the untouched beauty buys can be gifted or donated depending on expiration dates. 
Check Expiration Dates
Speaking of expiration dates, everything has a shelf life, and it’s essential to give your makeup bag a detox now and then. Here’s a rule of thumb: products should never pass a two-year mark. Here’s a complete guide on when to keep or toss your beauty products.
Clean Those Magic Wands (AKA Makeup Brushes)
Makeup brushes sometimes have a high price tag, so giving them some TLC is a must. Whether you apply makeup daily, weekly or monthly, believe it or not, residue, oil, and dead skin cells stay on those uncleansed bristles. We have two options for you: Using an alcohol-free brush cleanser that instantly purifies and removes all makeup, such as MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Instant Brush Cleanser, or you can DIY it. For the DIY approach, you’ll need to mix dish soap (to disinfect and clean) with extra virgin olive oil (to recondition the bristles) in a bowl. Once you’ve done that, move your brush in a circular motion, which will release all the residue. Once you see a clean brush, let it air dry on a clean towel. 
Repair Broken Cosmetics 
Keeping your makeup fresh forever can be a struggle. From powder-based products to eye shadow palettes, tossing them around your purse can cause them to break apart. To bring them back to life, try gathering all the broken pieces and letting it soak in isopropyl alcohol. Allow it to dry, and it will be as good as new. 
Divide Your Collection Into Different Sections 
Breaking down your cosmetics into different categories will help keep organization and visibility on what you have. If you already do this, it's an ideal time to re-organize your collection and switch things up a bit. Bring those warmer colors to the front lines and set aside the cooler hues depending on your style. Another way to get organized is by investing in acrylic holders, such as Target’s Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer with Stackable Drawer.

Whether you’re a minimalist or a beauty-obsessed consumer, cleaning your beauty products will keep your skin flawless and your makeup game on fleek! Think of it as a therapeutic routine, which your skin will thank you for later. Happy cleaning!