Fenty Beauty Has Officially Sold Out Of Their Darker Foundations & It's Shaking Others Up


For most women, finding the perfect shade of foundation is often intimidating and all-together challenging. The struggle is ever more real for women of color who for decades have expressed their thoughts around the lack of shade selections on the market.

Large beauty brands have put out shades to keep us in mind, but never like Rihanna's deeper Pro Filt'r Foundations which are flying off the shelvesIf you've walked into a Sephora, we're pretty sure, you've seen tons huddled around the Fenty Beauty area swatching, rubbing, and testing the new makeup. 

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Sephora is not taking this launch lightly as they advise each who comes into the store with the perfect color match making it an experiential adventure for all consumers. In the midst of the 29-year-old's alluring success, users on social media are calling other beauty brands out, for now, promoting their darker shades on the market. Some are offended and uncomfortable around this the marketing tactics taking place only after the acknowledgment for Carribean beauty's cosmetics line. 

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Fans took notice to Kylie Cosmetics' post around her "Brown Sugar" Lip Kit. However, the tweet was quickly deleted after many users began to express their thoughts around it. One follower stated "Fenty beauty got them shaking," while another said, " Oh now it's all about the darker women?".

Sometimes it takes someone like Queen RiRi to wake the world up to the fact women of color come in all shades from golden tans, rich mochas, to dark espressos hues. With such a robust and inclusive messages to the beauty industry, the Wild Thoughts singer is embodying the exact definition of a girl boss and doing it for the brown girls everywhere!