EXCLUSIVE: Penelope Cruz's Mami Philosophy

After a big morning hike in Los Angeles with Javier and baby Leo (where paparazzi snapped shots of the trio), Penelope Cruz—who looked stunning in jeans, a black blazer, vintage-y heels and barely any makeup—sat down with Latina.com to talk exclusively about what it’s like being a new mom. Here's what the new mami had to say.

Stay healthy
"I try to be healthy and eat well. I didn’t really drink alcohol before—just a little bit of wine here and there—and I definitely don’t now, of course. And I quit smoking years ago."

Take your vitamins
"I feel so much better when I take vitamins. Sometimes doctors don’t tell you this, but it’s important to take prenatal vitamins even after you’re pregnant. You’re going to need them as much after, especially if you’re breastfeeding."

Wear heels
"I like comfort in my life. So when I’m not working, I’m wearing jeans. And I do wear a lot of heels because they are comfortable to me and I am used to it."

Stay close to family
"We live in Spain part of the year and in America the other part of the year. Part of our family lives there and part here, so it’s important that we go back and forth. We are very close with all of them."