Exclusive Beauty Report: The Outbreak That's Scaring Millions

Its emergence into the mainstream shouldn’t be surprising, as this particular tendency has proven resilient, surviving the '80s club circuit and popping up again during the grungy '90s. For decades reports have surfaced of its thriving underground and in select European cities, but today the appearance of “Guyliner”—that’s black kohl eyeliner worn by men—has officially been declared an outbreak, touching thousands of men and threatening millions of women around the globe.

Truly shocking is how it’s rapidly broadening its boarders, crossing from music and film industries into everyday Latin and Middle America. Those stricken are able to live and often even flourish in their normal life—as men like Adam Lambert and Brandon Flowers have demonstrated. Suspected to have been exposed is pop star Enrique Iglesias, who is rumored to have seen it first on ex-pop star Christian Chavez—though these reports have not been confirmed.

While harmless, its spread has raised many questions, from “Is it Halloween today?” to “Who does your man-makeup?” and comments such as “Boy, that liner makes your eyes pop!” Designers like Jean Paul Gaultier have even developed entire lines, like Gaultier Monsieur, for its promotion. We will continue to monitor the situation from the front lines, remaining completely unbiased and mildly amused.