Environmental Activist Jamie Baratta Shares Her Top Eco-Friendly Beauty Essentials

NYC girl-about-town Jamie Baratta is trying to make going green sexy. "Yeah, sexy, but also hip," says the undeniably stylish Nicaraguan and Italian California native.

Baratta founded the website Greenjar.net, the first online Environmental Lifestyle magazine to bridge the gap between urban youth culture and the environmental movement. She's also leveraging her connections in the music and fashion industries to take the conversation about eco-activism from the science lab to the streets, and it seems to be working! While working as a sales associate at Ralph Lauren, Jamie managed to initiate a plastic hanger recycling policy, and she instituted a corporate social responsibility program before she left Island Def Jam—all this before the age of 24! Now she's an environmental consultant for The Rain Forest Alliance, CENYC (The Council on the Environment of NYC), The Nike Reuse A Shoe Campaign, Reverb and Soles4Souls.

We sat down with this beautiful eco-warrior and asked her to share her environmentally conscious beauty essentials. Check out the video with Jamie's picks below, then click through the slideshow for info on how you can purchase all of the products featured.

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1. Jamie Baratta: Mineral Fusion Concealer

Mineral Fusion Concealer

Available in warm, neutral, deep and cool shades. ($29, Whole Foods stores nationwide and dermstore.com).

2. Jamie Baratta: Lily of the Desert 99% Aloe Vera Gel

Lily of the Desert 99% Aloe Vera Gel

Certified 99% organic. ($3, healthsuperstore.com).

3. Jamie Baratta: Alba Terra Lip Gloss

Alba Terra Lip Gloss

Comes in Bloom, Blaze and Sienna, ($4, drugstore.com).

4. Jamie Baratta: Burt's Bees Radiance Eye Cream

Burt's Bees Radiance Eye Cream

Royal Jelly and bee pollen work together to naturally replenish and renew your skin's essential nutrients. The product also contains chamomile, cucumber and rosehip extracts. ($18, burtsbees.com).


5. Jamie Baratta: Physicians Formula Bronzer/Blush duo

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Bronzer/Blush duo

Organic Wear's 2-in-1 bronzer and blush compact allows you to use shades individually or layered. Use the bronzer to add warmth, and add blush for a natural glow. (Available in four shades, $14, physiciansformula.com).

6. Jamie Baratta: No Miss Nail Polish

No-Miss Nail polish

Contains UV inhibitors to protect your nails from the sun and comes in more than 150 colors. ($7, nomiss.com).

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