Does This Work? Bold Lipsticks

Our photo editor, Roxana Marroquin, is a self-described lipgloss-wearing girl. And more often than not, that’s all the makeup she uses, so asking her to try out the boldest, creamiest lipsticks we could find was a stretch. Luckily, she’s a good sport. Here’s how her road test went.

What The Are: Bold lipsticks

The Claims: These lip colors offer lots of color payoff without a heavy, drying texture

My Results: Trying on bright lipsticks felt a lot like playing dress up! I normally do not wear makeup, and particularly dislike how lipsticks tend to be drying and cakey, and sometimes downright clownish.  But I was willing to give them another chance.

I began with Guerlain Rouge Automatique, because it had my favorite packaging. The capless tube slides up and down to open, which made me feel like a spy. It felt creamy and soft, and the color stayed on for hours.

Next up was CoverGirl Queen Collection in Burgendelicious. Even though it swiped on easily, it left my lips chapped and dry after a day of wearing it. Plus I didn’t like the shimmer.

On the other hand, Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Fuchsia was fun. It was soft and not at all sticky. The color was a bright fuchsia, which I never would have thought I could pull off, but now, I actually think I can!

My favorite of the bunch: Purminerals Gloss Stick in Wildflower. To be fair: This really isn’t a full-blown lipstick. It’s a gloss-sticky hybrid, and therefore the perfect thing for a gloss lover like me. The color is dark, but still looks natural and the texture is amazing. Also, the tint stayed on throughout the day, and the pencil made it easy to apply. 

Rating: My favorite, PurMinerals Gloss Stick in Wildflower, gets 4.5 stars.