Does This Really Work: Tarte Bottoms Up-Lower Lash Mascara

A great trick to make eyes stand out for a night out is to apply mascara on the lower lash line. It’s not an everyday thing, you don’t want makeup overload, but it definitely makes an impact and complements a smokey eye. Regular brushes can be hard to manage and too big to comb through these smaller lashes, translating into a messy situation. The new Tarte Bottoms Up-lower lash mascara ($16) is meant to solve this problem.

It is half the size of you’re regular wand with a flattened handle that fits easily into your hand. The brush is so tiny it coated my lower lashes with two swipes and no messy flakes. I also used it to define the harder-to-reach inner and outer corners of my top lashes. It doesn’t lengthen much, but by being able to coat each and very lash it made my eyes pop! Plus, it’s such a cute beauty tool you can’t help but want to add it into your party clutch for touchups!