Does This Really Work: SpinLash

When it comes to lashes, you want them to look long and full, right? Well, SpinLash is my new best friend for this reason. It’s a battery-operated mascara that has a rotating brush- yes it actually spins 360°! The brush is long with tons of thin rubber bristles; it comes separate from the mascara so you can use it with your regular formula if you’d like. The single button at the base has two arrows: press to the right and the brush turns outward to coat the bottom of your lashes, press to the left and it turns inward to coat the top of your lashes (also great for right and left-handed users).

For me, it was a weird feeling to have something moving so close to my eyes, but it didn’t pull or hurt at all. The bristles actually cradled my individual lashes gently to separate, lengthen, and add volume. I’ve been using it for a few days and already received compliments on my long lashes. The little gadget is budget conscious at $20 for two brushes. Alert the beauty aficionados!