Does This Really Work: Smurfy Illuminating Face Powder

Smurfette was by far the most glamorous Smurf in the village! Her bright blue skin tone, yellow blonde hair, and white hat suited her well on screen, but it’s hard to believe these colors can translate into a wearable makeup palette.

Too Faced founder and creative Director, Jerrod Blandino, had no doubts when he created the limited edition Smurfette Collection including this So Smurfy Illuminating Face Powder, ($26). The powder is actually embossed with the cartoon’s silhouette and iconic colors, meant to be color-correcting on skin. The yellow from her hair is supposed to minimize redness, the blue from her skin help neutralize paleness and the white from her hat is said to brighten.

Combined they brightened my complexion and gave me a shimmery glow that’s nice for a night out, but a little too bright for day. I tried each shade individually to see what other looks could be created and each one served a purpose. The blue makes a pretty sheer eyeshadow as does the yellow, which has a gold tone that can top any other shadow. The pink from her dress serves as a blush and the tan background as a bronzer. I also used the white under my brow bones and on the inner corners of my eyes to highlight. I’d say it’s pretty wearable- a fun palette to experiment with and reminisce over your youth.