Does This Really Work?: Self Tanner Crème

I’ve tried several self-tanners that have led me to either orange or streaky results—and sometimes even both. But last weekend I tried Hawaiian Tropic Radiance Self-Tanner Crème Lotion ($10 at drugstores) because I wanted a warm glow to attend my friend’s wedding. To prep my skin beforehand, I used a body scrub to smoothen rough patches and allow the tanner to go on evenly. The crème lotion formula, which has antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E, is really thick and buttery, so it’s easy to notice and feel where you’ve already applied. This texture allowed me to spread it out better to avoid getting any streaks. I was expecting Hawaiian Tropic’s classic yummy pineapple-coconut smell, but I was pleasantly surprised with the lighter floral scent this has. It made my skin feel soft and moisturized. The color started to develop after a few hours. It didn’t stain my party dress and I got compliments on my nice tan (which lasted up to a week). Just the look I was going for!