Does This Really Work: Men-Attracting Lip Gloss

I don’t know how many men normally like kissing gals who wear gloss, but Urban Decay’s Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss ($18, actually helps lure in the opposite sex, thanks to the pheromone-infused ink used to create the writing on the container. Pheromones are chemicals that are undetectable to the nose, but can trigger a sexual mood when released. Before I tell you more about how it works, I have to describe the product's unique flat case that is meant to fit into your pocket comfortably. Each cap on the gloss has a picture of a hunky man. At first sight he appears to be fully clothed, but when you shake the cap the image changes and you see the model in his undies. As if that wasn’t enough for your viewing pleasure, when you turn the cap around you see his backside—with clothes on and then with only boxers. And with eight different gloss options, you get eight different men on each cap.

Now, the amusing packaging might be enough to make you want to buy it, but I tried the gloss this past weekend while out with my boy to see how well it performed. The formula glides on lips smoothly and has hydrating Hyaluronic acid particles to help plump lips and fill in lines. My lips definitely looked smoother and fuller. The scent of the gloss was crème brûlée; I’m a fan of the dessert, but the sugary smell on my lips was a little too strong for my taste. After applying a shiny coat on my lips, I discretely rubbed the logo ink on the tube with my hands, and then put it back in my purse. I’m not sure if it was pheromone induced or natural instinct, but he was affectionate the whole time. Whether you’re attracted to the shade or the man on the cap, I’m sure you’ll be able to find your perfect match with this lip gloss.