Does This Really Work: Lipstick Sealer

Does your boy ever complain about your lipstick transferring onto his lips when you kiss? I know mine does. This led me to try Sealed With a Kiss ($4) from Sally Beauty Supply. It’s a roll-on lipstick sealer that prevents your lipstick from smudging, bleeding, or sticking to anyone you choose to smooch.

The instructions say to apply your usual liner and lipstick, then blot lightly with a tissue and cover lips with this setting formula. I followed the instructions with my favorite lipstick. When I put on Sealed with a Kiss, it smelled medicinal and tasted like alcohol—not very pleasant. At first, it tingled on my lips and felt a little gooey. But once the formula dried in a matter of seconds, the smell and taste completely disappeared. My lips were soft and smooth and my lipstick still looked shiny, though I thought it would make it look matte. The real test came when it was time to kiss my honey. We kissed and I didn’t leave a spot of color on his lips! No complaints this time!