Does This Really Work: LipStamp

Here’s an interesting new beauty tool, the LipStamp is a lipstick applicator that you coat with your favorite lipstick and stamp on your lips! It has a plastic handle where you stick on sponges that are shaped like different pouts-from round and full to small with pointy edges- and a handy mirror on the other end to see where you’re stamping. You get 10 shapes (with clever names like Flavor Full and Bow Dacious) that have a removable sticky backing for when you want to switch to another. Find the one that best fits your natural shape or play with different ones like the larger sponge to create a voluptuous pout. You could also apply concealer throughout your entire lip and use a smaller stamp for an old-Hollywood-glam look.

I experimented with several shapes until I found the one that fit my lips perfectly. I coated the sponge with my favorite lipstick, slowly aligned it to my lips and pressed. The color transfers beautifully, but it does take practice to not color outside of the lines! The sponge soaks up a lot of color, so I had to wipe it rigorously with a tissue to use another shade. This is a cool kit to try new looks you wouldn’t necessarily think of creating without the sponge shapes to inspire you. But then again, for everyday purposes, you can never go wrong with a simple tube of lipstick! What do you think?