The Most Daring Beauty Trends of 2015

A-listers give us constant inspiration, whether it’s their fitness routines or their haircuts. From Lupita Nyong'o to Jennifer Lopez, these celebs rocked some of the most daring beauty trends of 2015 — and we can't get enough:

1. Blue Lipstick

For the premiere of the biggest movie in the galaxy, Stars Wars: The Force Awakens star Lupita Nyong’o experimented with a metallic blue lip. She’d look amazing in the proverbial potato sack, but blueberry is a tough look for the rest of us.

2. Thick Eyebrows

Thanks to model Cara Delevingne, women the world over are coveting thick, shapely eyebrows. Other celebs, like Sarah Hyland (pictured), have hopped on the trend by putting away the tweezers and playing up their natural shape.

3. Blunt Lob

The long bob style is the haircut of the century for a reason — it’s super flattering on many face shapes and hair types. But the 2015 version had particularly blunt, chunky ends, as seen on Khloe Kardashian.

4. Rainbow Hair

In recent years, blue lowlights or allover pale pink have been a hot way to change up your hair color. When you’re a celeb like Rita Ora, though, you have a whole glam squad to help with your look (and to do the dyeing dirty work). The singer tested out a couple of hues in 2015, including a pretty rainbow style ombre.

5. Colored Contact Lenses

For Selena Gomez, it’s another day, another red carpet — so how do you make people look twice? By making a small change, not a big one, as Sel did with royal-blue contact lenses.

6. Glitter Roots

Celebrities love a little bling, even if it’s sparkling from beneath the roots of their hair. Miley Cyrus, never one to shy away from a crazy style choice, wore glitter sprayed to her trademark close crop at a dinner this fall.

7. Black Lipstick

Lips in deep purple and wine shades were big for fall, and some stars took it one step further. Gigi Hadid went full-on goth in shiny black lipstick and proved that she can make any look work.

8. Strobing

The Kardashian-Jenner family brought contouring into the 21st century, and from there grew the trend of strobing. Think of it like extreme highlighter: Instead of using darker shadows to create cheekbones, you brush on illuminators to camouflage any flaws. See Jennifer Lopez for an excellent example.

9. High Ponytail

The look is a bit I Dream of Jeannie, but leave it to Queen Bey to make this ultra-bouncy pony seem somehow chic.