Dania Ramirez Launches Clean Makeup for Clean Water Campaign For CoverGirl

Dania Ramirez is already putting the perks of being the newest CoverGirl spokesmodel to work. Ramirez, 30, and Queen Latifah recently helped to launch the makeup company's Clean Makeup for Clean Water Campaign. As part of the campaign, Ramirez had an opportunity to return to her native Dominican Republic in an effort to deliver a year’s supply of drinking water to local villages.

“This program is especially important to me as I know firsthand that unsafe drinking water is a matter of life or death. When I was growing up in the Dominican Republic, we had to boil our water before drinking it so we didn’t get sick or worse,” the actress told people.com. “It means so much to me to give back such a simple gift as clean water!”

The water donation was given as part of CoverGirl's pledge to donate half a million dollars to the Children’s Safe Drinking Water charity. they have also launched a contest at covergirl.com in which contestants can win a trip to Africa with Queen Latifah for the next clean water delivery.