Celebrity Beauty Secrets: "All My Children's" Denise Vasi

As All My Children's Randi Morgan, Denise Vasi has survived prostitution and domestic battery by pimp. "She was left badly wounded and unconscious," says Denise. "The cops found her and brought her to the hospital." But when the handsome Dr. Franklin Hubbard treated her wounds, things start turning around for young Randi. After she's released from the hospital, she gets a job with Fusion Cosmetics and makes it to the fast track for a career in a beauty.

Well, the real Denise Vasi knows her way around a makeup counter, too. As a model, she's lent her striking visage to beauty ads for Urban Decay and Bobbi Brown, and recently appeared in two Oil of Olay facial skincare commercials. Latina.com caught up with the part Greek, part Dominican, part Puerto Rican actress during a break from shooting scenes with Susan Lucci on All My Children, and talked shop.

Is there one beauty product you never leave home without?

I always carry Chapstick. It’s in my bag, in my jacket, and I've got a tube on each table by my bed. I don't just use it for my lips. It can keep your hands moist in a pinch. You can use it to groom your eyebrows. You can put a little bit on the tip of your eyelashes to make them darker. You can even use Chapstick to keep the flyaways in your hair down. I also carry around Laura Mercier eyebrow gel to control flyaways. It's perfect for when I'm going out, because it fits in my evening bag.

What's your daily skincare regimen?

I’ll do an Olay wash and then a cetaphil moisturizer. I don’t do toner. I have done it, but it’s not something that I need to have in my bathroom.

How is your everyday makeup look different from that of your character Randi's look on the show?

TV makeup is pretty extensive. Randi likes a very smoky eye for day and night. Though she plays around with color, she smokes it out so it’s not as obvious. When I do my makeup in the day, it’s a little gold or rose glimmer on the lid and some mascara and a light gloss. For night, I like vibrant liners. I love Urban Decay eyeliners (Glide-On eye pencils in Lust, Zero, Covet, Deviant and Rockstar). They’re so good. You can hardly make a mistake with them because they roll right across your lid. Beautiful vibrant colors. Sometimes I’ll do an electric blue with some mascara and a nude lip. If you do blue on your eyes, it’s bright so you don’t want to do anything that conflicts. Sometimes I’ll do purple or a fuschia eyeliner. I love color! As long as you don’t do something crazy with your lip, it’s fine.

Speaking of which, what's your philosophy on red lipstick?

Reds are a big deal for me, especially because I have an olive complexion. I finally found one I liked: Approachable by Mattese NYC. They carry the brand at Ricky's NYC. When I wear it, I only wear a little mascara and some eyeliner on the upper lid. But if you're looking for your own red, you have to take the time to search for it, like with jeans. You’re going to spend an hour at the counter and try on every single red from every single company.

—Serena Kim