Camila Belle's Smokin' Hot Makeup Tips

Whatever Camilla Belle does in the beauty department, we want in. After all, it takes a certain kind of chica to make Joe Jonas catch the "Lovebug" all over again (and dump Taylor Swift along the way).

During a recent phone convo with the 22-year-old Brazilian American beauty, who's also the face of Vera Wang's Princess eau, we asked her to divulge some quick and easy tips for our next hot date. Turns out the best thing to do is not much at all! "Definitely less is more," says the star of the upcoming sci-fi thriller Push. "Guys want to see what you really look like, so dab on a little gloss first. Then some mascara, for sure. That's probably the most important thing." Her personal fave? "I love Rimmel," she says. "And you can get that anywhere. I get it at CVS." Sweet! We didn't know socialites shopped for makeup there, but it's good to know the economy is bringing us closer together. "You may not even have to use mascara," the Los Angeles native goes on to explain, "if you work the eyelash curler right."

That's good to know, but what we really want to know is how Camilla keeps her eyebrows looking so clean and perfectly arched all the time. "I don't wax," she admits. "It slowly damages the skin around your eyebrows, so I'm kind of against it. It's always either threading or plucking for me." Duly noted.

Thanks, Cam! We'll let you know how it goes with that cute boy we've been checking out for quite some time.