Beauty Transformation: Natalie Morales

Whether she’s reporting on the Chilean mining crisis or hosting the Miss Universe Pageant, journalist and mother-of-two Natalie Morales is a pro at looking effortlessly beautiful. Click through to see how she’s changed through the years as her career goes from filling in at the Today show to becoming the morning show's first Latina news anchor!

1. Natalie Morales: Beauty Transformation 1

August 2005: After years working as a morning anchor on local television, then as a correspondent at MSNBC, the sweet, 33–year-old Natalie—with shoulder-length long layers and soft makeup—begins to fill in at the Today show.

2. Natalie Morales: Beauty Transformation 2

August 2007: Now the National Correspondent at Today, Natalie adds subtle golden highlights through her hair to brighten her complexion.

3. Natalie Morales: Beauty Transformation 3

April 2009: At the book launch for Today’s Moms, the mom of two pulls her hair up into a classic twist and tints her lips a juicy raspberry color.

4. Natalie Morales: Beauty Transformation 4

May 2009: Still keeping her hair shoulder-length, the half-Brazilian, half-Puerto Rican shows off her voluminous layers and natural-looking highlights at a charity event.

5. Natalie Morales: Beauty Transformation 5

January 2010: Always wearing her hair down and blown-out for Today, Natalie takes the chance to pull it back into a bun while reporting on the Golden Globes in Los Angeles. 

6. Natalie Morales: Beauty Transformation 6

August 2010: As host of the Miss Universe Pageant, Natalie looks the part with her bronzed, shimmery skin, cat-eyeliner, and romantic updo.

7. Natalie Morales: Beauty Transformation 7

January 2011: Covering the Golden Globes, Natalie goes glam with glossy, smooth retro waves that hit past her shoulders, a nude lip, and flawless skin. In just a few months, the 39-year-old will be named the first Latina news anchor for Today.

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