Beauty Transformation: Jennifer Lopez

Rewind fifteen years and many of us would barely recognize Jennifer Lopez! She’s fearlessly reinvented her look throughout her career—but no more so than this year as a judge on American Idol, for her latest music videos off her new album Love?, and as a model in ads for Gucci, Venus, and L’Oreal. The inspiration we can all get from her evolving look won’t cost a thing. Click through our slideshow to see the star’s greatest beauty moments from her Fly Girl days to now.

1. J.Lo Transform 1

1996: When Ms. Lopez first stepped into the limelight, she showed off her natural brunette curls and earth-toned makeup (it was the nineties!).

2. J.Lo Transform 2

2000: At the MTV Music Video Awards, Lopez rocked new caramel highlights, which complement her golden skin tone and signature J.Lo glow. 

3. J.Lo Transform 3

2001: Jennifer experimented with defined ringlets and purple smoky eyes—one of her signature makeup looks.

4. J.Lo Transform 4

2002: Most critics slammed the bouffant Jen wore to the Academy Awards, but she and her stylist, Oribe, reportedly loved the 60s-inspired ‘do.

5. Be Beautiful: Ad42011

6. J.Lo Transform 5

2003: A curly-q moment for the star, Jennifer radiates warmth with bronzed skin and a glossy nude mouth.

7. J.Lo Transform 6

2004: Playful pigtails and a hip hat give our girl a youthful vibe at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

8. J.Lo Transform 7

2006: Who else can pull off a metallic head scarf like J.Lo?! The accessory accentuated her flawless complexion, perfect brows, and signature silver smoky eye.

9. J.Lo Transform 8

2008: The newly pregnant star went blonder than ever for a reception in Denver, CO in August ‘08.

10. J.Lo Transform 9

2009: For The Back-Up Plan, Jennifer tried a light brown hair color, blunt bangs and tousled waves.

11. J.Lo Transform 10

2010: Jennifer gets glam! Her hair is full of sparkling highlights and rich lowlights, her lids are smoky, and her complexion is golden and glowing.

12. Jennifer Lopez: Beauty Transformation: Gucci

2010: By the end of 2010, her hair is longer, her lashes thicker, her brows fuller—the 41-year-old superstar is truly looking younger and younger.

13. Jennifer Lopez: Beauty Transformation: Globes

2011: Jennifer swaps her glam style for a sweeter one at the Golden Globes this year, and proves that she can own any look she wants.

14. Jennifer Lopez: Beauty Transformation: American Idol

2011: Jennifer always amazes us with her revolving looks on American Idol, showing off red lips and a slick bun one night then blue eye shadow and wildly full hair the next. What else will she try? It’s one of the biggest reasons we tune in.  One thing's for sure: This really is her most stunning year!

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