The Beauty of Transformation: Christina Aguilera

I was watching the Golden Globe Awards Sunday night, and absolutely fell in love with Christina Aguilera’s soft new look. I love the shiny short bob, I love the color, I love the subtle mauve makeup! But, I’ve also loved Christina’s various beauty incarnations throughout the decade, and admired her fearless attitude toward self-expression through hair and makeup. I’m in a festive mood today, people, so why don’t we take a look back at her various personas in celebration of her overall fabulousness?

1. Transformation: Xtina 1

Golden Globes 2010: She just keeps gettin’ better! The glowing mother radiates a grown-up warmth and elegance.

2. Transformation: Xtina 2

Appearance in October 2008: Here we see her embodying her then-current graphic pop art inspiration. Blunt bangs, straight platinum hair and fuchsia lips…remind you of another pop icon currently courting the papa-paparazzi?

3. Transformation: Xtina 3

American Music Awards 2008: The ultimate glamazon with blackberry lips and soft round curls.

4. Transformation: Xtina 4

MTV Movie Awards 2004: Having a red-headed Lucille Ball moment?

5. Transformation: Xtina 5

MAC Viva Glam event 2004: Sporting jet black locks and massive eye makeup, this songstress was totally living out loud!

6. Transformation: Xtina 6

American Music Awards 2003: Her two-tone hair became a hit with young girls; similar styles emerged in pink and blue.

7. Transformation: Xtina 7

Blockbuster Entertainment Awards 2001: Aguilera’s hair has reached just as many high notes as she has vocally.

8. Transformation: Xtina 8

Grammy announcements 2000: Who knew this "Genie in a Bottle" would evolve into the powerhouse performer and style chameleon she is today? Um, we did.

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