Beauty Transformation: Alexa Vega

To celebrate Alexa Vega’s From Prada to Nada premiere, we’re taking a look back at the half-Colombian’s evolving beauty look. Click through to see just how much Alexa’s changed in the last decade!

1. Alexa Vega Beauty: 2001

14th Annual Kids Choice Awards, April 2001

Aww, how adorable is the 13-year-old Spy Kids star here? From the tiny braid to the shiny ringlets, Alexa’s kid style is so cute.

2. Alexa Vega Beauty: 2004

MTV’s TRL, July 2004

Alexa trades in her curls for stick-straight strands and sides-swept bangs. And starts wearing a little natural-looking makeup!

3. Alexa Vega Beauty: 2008

Premiere of Hottie And The Nottie, February 2008

At the premiere of Hottie And the Nottie, 20-year-old Alexa definitely showed up as the hottie in a skin-baring red sequin top and newly highlighted hair.

4. Alexa Vega Beauty: 2009

24th Annual IMAGEN Awards, August 2009

Now all grown-up, Alexa highlights her deep brown eyes with black liner and thick, long lashes and goes back to her naturally wavy hair texture.

5. Alexa Vega Beauty: 2011

From Prada to Nada Premiere, January 2011

The star seems to have found her signature look—lined lids, thick lashes, pulled back curls—and it’s definitely working!

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