Beauty Influencer Jenny Ruiz Tells Latinas To Toss Their Pink Lipstick


Ever felt like pink lipstick didn't suit you? Hot pink, fuschia pink, berry pink, coral pink and the list goes on.

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These are just a few shades of colors that may or may not work for you.  Most Latinas will agree that the right shade of lipstick can take their look to the next level of fierceness. Some of us spend hours on Youtube, Sephora, or in front of mirrors in search for the right hue that makes us look and feel fabulous. Recently, Instagram sensation Jennifer Ruiz, known as Jen_ny69 on social media, advised Latinas to get rid of their pink lippies. 

In January, the Youtuber posted a photo on Instagram advising Latinas to toss their pink shades of lipsticks. "I have officially gotten rid of all the pink lipsticks I own, please save your money pink lipsticks don't look right on Latinas," she expressed. Say what?! Yes, chicas! Ruiz believes in rockin' "realistic makeup." She recommends wearing colors that are mauvy on browner skin tones and cautions us around using bright and neon pink lipsticks.


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The beauty blogger, who wore a full face of makeup for her quinceanera, claims that day ignited her passion for la belleza. “That was the first day I wore makeup,” Ruiz said. The Mexican-American has over 1.2 million followers on YouTube, who are loyal to her makeup tutorials and beauty advice, especially among the Latin audience. She's transparent with her chicas on all levels from sharing her beauty, fitness, and even mami tips. 

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Still not too sure which shade of blush tone looks best on you? Test it out and let us know, which color works for you.