This Argentinian Beauty Is The Mastermind Behind the GLAM School, Luz Lashes and More

Here at Latina, we believe in highlighting those breaking boundaries and creating change in the beauty industry. History proves Latinas were and still are pioneers when it comes to the business of belleza, which is why we’re spotlighting them with our weekly segment of #LatinaGlamGetters. They’re born beauty entrepreneurs, unapologetic and fabulous. They’ve used their passion for beauty to fuel their journey to success. But, ever wonder how they got there? In a world where one's highlight reel is on replay only showcasing the glitz and the glam of creating a business, we’re keeping it real with our glam-star.

Meet Anita Rincon, an international model and beauty business mogul.

This Latina has made a name for herself by creating multiple businesses in the cosmetics world while empowering women everywhere. She’s the mastermind behind the uber glamorous name brands of Luz Lashes, Rincon Cosmetics, SCULPT and the GLAM School. Her lashes are A-list approved by Demi Lovato, Jackie Cruz, Kim Kardashian and more. The glam getter’s latest business venture brings together pro makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts for a one-day summit-like alluring glam experience. Attendees will have access to global MUAs through masterclasses, Q&A sessions, meet and greets and more. The Argentinian and Finland-born beauty launched the GLAM school in Europe and we’re excited to announce Latina is partnering up with Rincon for her very first US debut in New York City.

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We caught up with the Rincon beauty secrets, business tips, and more. Prepare to be amazed, this Latina is building her beauty empire one business at a time.

What was it like growing up with two cultures and how did you stay in touch with both sides? Did you relate more to one over the other?

They are total opposites: people in Finland are very calm and can come off as reserved, while Argentinians are warm and affectionate. Although I’ve always felt closer to the Latino culture and feel at home in Argentina, I'm very grateful that I got to experience both worlds from a young age. I think it's an amazing thing to be exposed to more than one culture - you learn to accept differences and see things from new perspectives.

What your first favorite beauty memory? Any childhood beauty secrets from mom, abuelas, tias etc.?

My tía was Finland's very first supermodel – I learned a lot of beauty tricks from her and my mom, who’s always been into natural beauty treatments like facials and hair masks made from ingredients like avocado and honey. I’ll always swear by coconut oil!

What made you create GLAM School? What your passion behind the event?

I wanted to create an unforgettable real-life experience that would bring talented pro makeup artists together with beauty enthusiasts beyond the limits of social media. We partner with some of the biggest names in beauty from a specific country or city, give them a platform to teach and inspire through masterclasses, Q&A sessions, meet and greets and that way make every event into an intimate IRL experience. The response has been amazing and I'm so excited to be bringing the first Glam School event to the US on February 17th in Times Square, NYC with Latina!


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As a female entrepreneur, what are some of the hardest decisions you have to make sometimes?

The most defining decision I’ve made was moving to New York and starting my business here. I came alone with no friends or family. Since I didn’t have anyone to turn to for advice, I had to rely on myself when making decisions about my business. It was far from easy, and a lot of people around me thought it was both crazy and unrealistic to move here with no guarantees of making it but luckily I didn’t let anyone talk me out of my dreams and kept pushing forward! I’m a firm believer that persistence and hard work always pay off.


What advice do you have for those who want to make it in the beauty industry as a creator?

Being original is key whether you want to be a creator or a business owner in the beauty world. Brands look for creators with content that is consistent, unique, and high quality. When I work with influencers, these qualities weigh more in my eyes than the number of followers they may have. Create your own thing and commit to staying consistent with its identity.

How did you become such a #girlboss within the beauty business world?

I started my first brand Luz Lashes right after graduating from college. It was one of the first high-end, reusable lash brands in Europe. I launched it relying on affiliate marketing on social media which was a new concept that brands hadn’t really grasped onto yet. A few years later, I was contacted by a TV production company from Finland offering to turn my life as a beauty entrepreneur in NYC into a reality TV show. Doing TV was a whole new world for me, but it was amazing to be part of such a purposeful production that aimed to inspire other young women to dream big. The show aired in 2016-2017 and I still get messages from women and men of all ages about how the show motivated them to reach for their dreams and find confidence in themselves, which is by far the best outcome I could have ever imagined. Finally, I launched my newest brand Rincón Cosmetics in 2016 with signature collections created with some of today's most sought-after celebrity makeup artists and beauty gurus. Rincón Cosmetics sort of blew up right from the start and has been growing nonstop since. It’s such a surreal moment to see your brand being worn by stars like Demi Lovato and the Kardashians. This spring we’re coming to QVC and other retailers with tons of new products, and we also have some really exciting new collaborations on the way that I can’t wait to tell you guys about!


Tell us what inspired you to write a book - "American Dream - A Fashion and Beauty Mogul's Guide to Building a Million Dollar Empire"?

The idea for the book came from questions that I started receiving from women online about starting, growing and scaling a business. Being that I’d never had a mentor when starting my own business, I wanted to write a guide as a mentor to other female entrepreneurs sharing my own successes, struggles, and lessons learned. The book is published in English and Spanish – it was important to me to have a Spanish edition as more and more Latinas are taking the leap to start their own businesses. Since the book’s launch three years ago at New York Fashion Week, I’ve taught seminars based on the book in events like business conferences and trade shows. Through the seminars, I got to talk to female entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and learn about the challenges that they face in entrepreneurship. It inspired me to come out with an online course Beauty+Business about the business side of beauty. I wanted to cover the entire process of creating a product to launching it successfully. I can’t wait for it be released later this year, and hope it serves as a tool to many women in beauty!

According to the United States Department of Commerce, Latinas are leading the pack when it comes to opening businesses. From hair salons, spas, beauty products, and more, history proves how business savvy Latinas truly are. And today, we’re proud to showcase the real stories behind the inspiring beauty business owners. Be sure to keep us with our #LatinaGlamGetters on Latinas social platforms.