Air Brushed Perfection

Ever wonder how celebrities always look so perfect on screen? Their skin is always luminous and glowing (yes, J.Lo, we mean you!); there’s never a pore in sight! Well, we’re pretty sure we’ve discovered their secret: air brushed makeup. And no, it’s not an exclusive celebrity privilege. You can purchase an airbrush system of your own!

Most airbrush makeup kits have complicated tools that come apart in multiple pieces, but Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System ($225, is as simple as it is amazing. It comes with an air compressor, a rubber tube and a plastic airbrush applicator ‘gun.’ You simply plug one side of the plastic tube into the gun, and the other into the air compressor, turn on the compressor to get the air flowing and presto! You’re ready to blow on your foundation. Sold separately are color 'pods;' these are little plastic pods filled with makeup for your face, cheeks and eyes. Pop a pod into the gun and you’re ready to apply. As you spray the formulas onto your face, it feels like the lightest mist tickling your skin. The coverage is sheer and dewy, so it’s very hard to overdo. You can spray on your foundation, blush and eye shadow in a matter of minutes, and be left with a flawless finish.

For all you makeup aficionados out there, this is a big purchase that will pay off in a big way.