Madeleine Stowe Reveals Her Age-Defying Beauty Secrets!

The star also revealed that facial exercises, sleep and water are her biggest secrets to aging gracefully. "I like to stick with things that have worked for years. [Water and sleep] are the two best things out there for your skin."

And while the actress admits she does enjoy getting facials and doing her part to look and feel good, the trick is to accept that your body is going to change – but that doesn't mean you can't feel (and look) fabulous.

“Aesthetically speaking, would I rather look the way I did in my 30s? Sure, of course I would,” she says. “But emotionally speaking, I don’t ever feel any particular sense of age. I feel happier than I did when I was younger. Is it a cliché? Maybe," she says. "But I am making a deliberate attempt to enjoy the moment and be really curious and live life. That gives me a sense of being alive. When I do that, people usually say ‘You look terrific today.'"

(photo credit: NewBeauty / Larsen&Talbert)