5 Ways to Go Blonde

Thinking of testing out the “blondes have more fun” theory? You’ve got options. Here’s how to make the hue work for you. 

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Natural Blonde

Having always been a blonde, Cameron Diaz has the advantage of already knowing which shade is most flattering. If you’re a natural brunette, the trick to finding your perfect hue is by looking at your eyes. “If you have black or blue flecks, you’re cool. Look for blondes in the “ash” category to complement blue-green undertones in your skin,” says Carlos Rodriguez, lead colorist at the Sally Hershberger salon in Los Angeles. “If your eyes have a gold tint, you’re warm. Go for a blond with honey highlights.”

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Foil Highlights

If you want more of a multidimensional look—and have the time and money to head into the salon every four weeks—foil highlights are the way to go. The traditional method of bleaching tiny alternating sections of hair and wrapping in foil can also be replicated with at-home, brush-on versions. Our advice? This technique is best left to the pros!

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Balayage Highlights

We are thrilled that Sofia Vergara transitioned back to her natural blonde color. To get her sun kissed hue, ask your stylist for balayage highlights. It’s a technique where the colorist literally paints on lighter streaks exactly where he or she wants them in order to mimic the look of natural highlights. You can wait a little longer between salon visits with this style, as regrowth is less visible.


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It used to be that women would cringe at the first site of their dark roots growing in. Now, they’re totally embracing the ombre trend and lightening ends to get this look on purpose! So lazy girls everywhere rejoice: you now have a legit excuse to skip your color appointment and let those dark roots reign.

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Platinum Blond

The almost-white color deserves a category all on its own. The rarely-found-in-nature hue requires constant touchups if you want it to stay true. (Meaning it can really take a toll on your hair, stripping it of moisture and causing damage.) But just like other trendy colors like blue and pink, it really makes a statement. If you’re up for the challenge, go for it!