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Is Curly Hair back in?
Beauty Trend Alert: Show Off Your Curls!
By Kate Sandoval | 08/18/2011 - 14:00

There’s something very exciting going on in the world of celeb beauty trends: curly hair is back! And not a few subtle, curled-under ends or soft waves, but gorgeous, full, sexy curls.  

Curl Power: New Tips for Your Texture

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Victoria Justice Hair Poll
Victoria Justice’s Bangs: Hit or Miss?
By Kate Sandoval | 08/17/2011 - 14:15

We barely recognize half-Puerto Rican Victoria Justice with these brow-dusting bangs and formal retro updo at the Imagen Awards Gala in Beverly Hills. It was quite a sophisticated change for the teen star.

Attack of the Latino Teen Stars! 

We’re torn on the look: As much as we love it when celebs change it up, we’re obsessed with Victoria’s long, gorgeous brown hair, and this style hides most of it.

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Curl Power: New Tips for Your Texture
Curl Power: New Tips for Your Texture
By Imani A. Dawson | 08/05/2011 - 12:58

All around the country—make that the world—Latina women are chucking chemical straighteners, flat irons and hot combs, and embracing the versatility and freedom of the natural texture of our hair.

One recent afternoon in New York City approximately 300 women with a wide-range of waves, kinks and coils celebrated the movement at’s first ever pool party. At the event, we picked up a few awesome tips from the curly-hair experts. Whether your tresses grow in smooth spirals or bad-ass kinks, here are some tips for rocking your natural hair:

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New 'Do Every Day: Nicole Richie
New 'Do Every Day: Nicole Richie’s Braidy Bunch!
By Kate Sandoval | 07/29/2011 - 17:00

Nicole Richie is officially the queen of braids.

Check out her other braided looks here!

But this may just be our favorite braid look yet! The dual weave makes the trendsetter look super summery and cute (and the pink lipstick—which you can see how to copy here—is awesome too!).

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New 'Do Every Day: Eva Longoria
New 'Do Every Day: Eva Longoria’s Pulled Back Style
By Kate Sandoval | 07/28/2011 - 18:48

We’re nearing the end of our month of summer hairstyles, and we cannot wrap-up without adding the famous “bump” trend to the mix. It’s the perfect choice for those of us who like to wear our hair down, but need a way to keep it out of our face. Eva Longoria has a perfect example of the style: smooth hair and a pouf that isn’t too, too high.

To get the look:

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New 'Do Every Day: Selena Gomez
New 'Do Every Day: Selena Gomez’s Curly Ends
By Kate Sandoval | 07/27/2011 - 15:30

We love when Selena shows off her natural curls.

Check out her hair transformation throughout her life.

And we especially love her look here, where she adds a cool, er, twist to the style, keeping the top of her strands straight and letting the bottom go wavy.

Some stylists call this new trend a “drop perm,” although you definitely don’t need a perm to do this. Here’s an easy trick:

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New 'Do Every Day: Morena Baccarin
New 'Do Every Day: Morena Baccarin’s Perfect Pixie
By Kate Sandoval | 07/26/2011 - 17:00

It’s short, but not too buzzed. Cute, but not too young. Tough, but not manly. Morena Baccarin truly has the perfect pixie.

This summer, tons of celeb trendsetters have freshly shorn locks, proving that a cropped cut can be chic and even sexy. If the heat has you seriously considering a major chop a la Morena, keep these tips in mind:

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New 'Do Every Day: Sofia Vergara
New 'Do Every Day: Sofia Vergara’s Bombshell Blowout
By Kate Sandoval | 07/25/2011 - 19:25

Sofia Vergara recently reaffirmed that she loves her body and although she was probably talking about her curvy figure, she could’ve been talking about her hair. The Modern Family star's strands are always smooth with just the right amount of bounce and bend.

Beauty Transformation: Sofia Vergara

Luckily, there’s an easy trick for getting Sofia’s sexy body:

Rough-dry your hair till it’s almost dry.

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New 'Do Every Day: Demi Lovato
New 'Do Every Day: Demi Lovato
By Kate Sandoval | 07/22/2011 - 18:07

Demi Lovato has been out and about a lot this past week, and, after seeing a few snapshots of her at Cambio Studios, we had to take a closer look at her hair transformation! What was jet black straight hair is now super long and has lots of warm red highlights (made even bolder with her scarlet lipstick).

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Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez
Beauty Transformation: Selena Gomez
By Johanna Ferreira | 07/22/2011 - 08:54

Today is Selena Gomez's 19th birthday and we wanted to examine the young and talented star's transformation throughout the years. Gomez began her career at age seven playing Gianna on Barney & Friends. Ever since the singer/actress hit it big with her starring role on the Disney series Wizards of Waverly Place, she’s been experimenting with her style. But the half Mexican, half Italian starlet hasn’t always been so confident about her exotic looks.

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