Work Those Waves!

Step 1: Working with clean, damp hair, take two or three fingers (two for straight strands, three for thick or curly) and place them underneath the roots of a two-inch section of hair. Wind section of hair around figers.

Step 2: Pin coiled section to scalp. Repeat with more sections until all hair is coiled and pinned.

Step 3: Dry hair with diffuser or let air-dry. Once hair is dry, unwind coils and gently separate waves with fingers.

If your hair is...

Curly: Use a thick, ultra-hydrating conditioner--which will moisturize strands and help loosen your curls.
(Editor's pick: Davines Love Conditioner, $22,

Wavy: To maintain soft, boucy waves throughout the day, apply a moisturizing gel to wet hair before styling.
(Editor's pick: Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Gel, $22,

Coarse: Give wet hair an intense dose of moisture with a rich conditioner followed by a conditioning gel.
(Editor's pick: Deva Curl AnGéll Conditioning Gel, $18,

Straight: To help limp locks hold a curl, skip the hair spray and spritz wet strands with a lightweight curl-defining spray.
(Editor's pick: Kérastase Mist Oleo-Curl, $34,