What's Up with the First Lady's Hair?

Though we at Latina strive to demonstrate in every issue, in every bit of beauty coverage we do, that all hair textures are beautiful in their natural state, periodically a story will surface to point out that we as a collective American community have a long way to go in terms of understanding and accepting this truth. This week the New York Times ran an article called, “Black Hair, Still Tangled in Politics.” It focused on the first family, specifically First Lady Michelle Obama, and her eldest 11-year-old daughter Malia; more specifically, it focused on their hair. The story once again brought up the debate between natural vs. chemically altered hair; it pointed out the social reverberations still somehow sent out when an African American woman in the spotlight chooses to wear her hair naturally, or gets it straightened. Somehow, she’s sending a message—even if she doesn’t mean to be. While dialogue is to be commended, one can’t help but wonder why a woman with coarse, curly hair can’t straighten it one month then wear it in twists the next without being asked why. Why? Maybe just because she felt like it. Check out the story here, and of course, tell us what you think.