What’s Your Hair Personality?

How you wear your hair can reveal volumes about your personality. Whether you’re into outrageous styles or lean more towards subtle changes, understanding your hair personality is the best way to decide what kind of change is best for your tresses!

1. Hair Personality: The Trendsetter

The Trendsetter
You’re chic and known for your cool and cutting edge styles. Your looks are always fun and edgy but never over the top.
Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria
Signature Look
Opt for styles that are current, polished and sophisticated.

2. Hair Personality: The Naturalist

The Naturalist
You embrace your natural beauty by keeping your look as simple and hassle-free as possible. Your hair is a lot like your attitude: bohemian, carefree and elegant.
Shakira, Victoria Justice
Signature Look
Gravitate towards easy styles that are soft and sensual like long, tumbling curls.

3. Hair Personality: True Classic

True Classic
You’re not a huge fan of change, and you never copy current styles. You’re a classic beauty that flaunts a head of healthy and well-maintained hair.
Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek
Signature Look
Go for looks that are elegant and timeless, like a voluminous blow-out or a classic bob.

4. Hair Personality: Glamazon

You’re a glamour girl and you’re all about sultry and sensual styles. Your confidence is evident in your sleek and shimmering fashion and your hair that looks like it costs a million bucks!
Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez
Signature Style
Stick to graceful, feminine styles that range from medium to super-long in length.

5. Hair Personality: Fearless

You’re fierce and not afraid to push the envelope. A sassy scene stealer, you love to shock people with your styles and are always the center of attention.
Paz de la HuertaKat Von D
Signature Style
You’re not one to follow trends, so set your own!

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