3 Ways to Beat Silver Strands

With the exception of Kelly Osbourne, most women don’t choose to go gray before they’re 40. Today, many women don’t have a choice. If a person goes gray before 40, they are going prematurely gray—a phenomenon that has been linked to stress, genetics, and lack of vitamin B. More than 40 percent of Americans will have grays before age 40.

“Grays are grays,” says native Argentinean Emilia Benturino, former master designer for an Ulta Beauty Salon and current owner of E&G Salon in Edgewater, New Jersey, “and permanent dye isn’t the only solution.” With the dark hair that Latinas have, hiding grays can be difficult, but there are options outside of harsh, high-maintenance, permanent dye. Benturino recommends these three:

1. Color glaze:

With color glaze, hair stylists can match a client’s natural hair color and maintenance doesn’t require a visit to the salon each month. The color is subtle, and when hair grows, the color still looks natural. Plus, it has no ammonia, so your hair stays healthy. Try The Brilliant Brunette Luminous Color Glaze from John Frieda ($10) – it promises great shine and color!

2. Highlights:

Channel Jennifer Lopez and consider highlights. This option is also low-maintenance and a great way to mask grays, and Revlon Frost & Glow Highlighting Kit ($8) is easy to use and provides highlights for any hair color.

3. Love your grays:

Another option is to embrace your grays and care for them. Benturino recommends using blue shampoo, like Aveda Malva Shampoo ($31), to help prevent the yellowing of grays.

Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t pull out those gray hairs. “I believe that clients who pull out grays just come back with more,” Benturino says. “So resist pulling them out!”