Tips for Taming Out-of-Control Rizos in Humid Weather

Tips for Taming Crazy Locks

Some people are blessed with perfect hair that stays looking great, no matter what the weather is outside. Most of us however, deal with having to control our hair in humid temps, on windy days, and other times when your rizos just won't cooperate. 

Vaso Spirou, owner of Salon Vaso in Miami, FL knows all about taming crazy manes though. "The weather in Miami can be brutal on your hair, and it can start to take on a mind of its own," she says. Follow her tips and tricks on how to take back control, since summer is right around the corner!

"The last thing you want to be worrying about when relaxing on the beach, is your hair," Spirou advises. "Before you hit the beach, combine Alfaparf Anti Frizz Spray with a few drops of Alfaparf Semi-Dilino Crystalli. Comb these products through your hair and twist into a bun or braid. At night, release and use fingers to comb into beach waves."

When humidity hits, your hair can get frizzy and poofy. You may try everything in your power to flatten it, but Spirou says, "Don't fight it." Instead, "Take a quarter-size dollop of Semi-Dilino Mousse and distribute through very wet hair. Apply a dime-size dollop of Rigen Nourishing Treatment and finger-comb through hair- scrunch and squeeze."


Though we wish all summer days were sunny, sometimes it does rain, causing even more chaos for our hair. Spirou suggests making the best of it and turning your hair into a chic 'do! 

"Rub a nickel-size dollop of the matte paste into hands and distribute throughout hair. With a fine tooth comb, style hair into a high pony tail."

Maintaining your hair in extreme weather is also a huge part of making sure it looks good. To keep hair healthy and looking great, remember, "Less is better. Apply a Phyto 7 (lightweight glossing cream) to towel dried hair. Twist into a French bun or braid into a fishtail for sassy style even in extreme elements."

Vaso Salon is located in Miami Beach, FL. You can follow them on social media @SalonVaso