Stop Those Split Ends!

Though you may spend hours blowdrying, flat ironing, and shaping your hair to perfection, all of that is for naught if you have split ends crimping your style. Fortunately, split ends don't have to be a fact of life. Trichoptilosis, the official term for the spllitting of the hair fiber, is absolutely preventable.

Split ends are caused by wear and tear on the hair. This kind of damage can occur from any of the following culprits: elastic ponytail holders with metal parts, too much heat styling, chemical treatments either in the form of perms or coloring and exposure to sun, chlorine and saltwater. Protect your precious tresses from the elements and you'll be rewarded with lush ends.

Check to see if your curling iron and flat iron is made with ceramic rather than metal, which can burn hair to a crisp. Keep the heat level of your blow dryer and irons to the lowest setting that will still get you the look you want without heat overkill. Avoid overbrushing and combing when your hair is wet, because wet hair is notoriously fragile.

Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter uses a blend of botanical oils like ylang ylang, lavendar and rosemary to minimize breakage and condition ($10.50, Just a few drops of the silicone-free Korres Serum Rice Proteins will add a layer of protection to your hair before you put styling equipment to it ($32,

But once you have split ends, you can't use some magic potion to make them disappear. The name of the game is removal and prevention. First and foremost, keep your hair freshly trimmed every 6 weeks. Renewing the ends is the best way to keep your hair looking healthy and well-groomed.

Happy endings!

—Serena Kim