Steal Her Style: Cameron's Chic Pony

Cameron Diaz' signature style can be summed up in a word: effortless.

The statuesque beauty never looks overdone or as if she's trying too hard. In fact, it often appears she doesn't have to try at all.

When Cameron stepped out on the red carpet for her latest movie premiere, she proved once again that glamour doesn't require countless hours with a glam squad.

Case in point: The totally fuss-free yet still polished and pretty ponytail.

Want to copy the casual but chic updo alternative? Pony up!

NYC stylist Kristan Serafino breaks it down step by step:

1. Apply a volumizing mousse to wet hair, going from back to front and making sure to saturate roots.

2. With a blowdryer, using only your fingers to style, blast hair until 80 percent dry; then finish drying with a ceramic, ionic large round brush, which will help you to smooth ends.

3. Part your hair down the middle, then tease at the crown to create volume. Gently comb teased hair towards ponytail base to create smoothness.

4. Secure ponytail using Kristan’s pro tip: “Make sure to raise your head up while securing the band. By raising your chin, you eliminate any gaps underneath the band.”

5. Finish with a few blasts of medium-hold hairspray to secure any fly-aways.