The 5 Stages of Grief After Cutting Your Hair Short

We’ve all been there. We talk ourselves into FINALLY getting that trendy new short haircut and we chop inches off our locks. Maybe it’s inspired by the latest celebrity cut or maybe you’ve just gone through a major life event—married, baby, breakup—and need a change! Whatever the reason, we sometimes feel a little blue post-chop. And you’re not alone! Here’s what so many of us have felt. 

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1. Denial and Isolation

You can’t believe what you’ve done and you go into hiding. No one can see you like this! You feel hideous and look like a boy! You surround yourself with photos of your old hair.

2. Anger

You curse the day you ever laid eyes on Jessica Alba and her sleek new ‘do. 

3. Bargaining

You plead with the hair gods and promise to get regular trims and that you’ll cut down on flat iron use in exchange for your former long locks.

4. Depression

You ask yourself again and again why you threw away so much money on such a terrible decision. 

5. Acceptance

After hours of group therapy with your BFFs, you come to terms with the truth. Hair grows. You’ll have your long, gorgeous locks back before you know it. But wait, you kind of like your chic new cut... maybe you want to go shorter?