The Sexiest Hairstyles to Rock on Valentine's Day

From Shakira's gorgeous rizos, to Jessica Alba's textured lob — these are the 'dos that are sure to heat up February 14th. Celebrity hairstylist David Lopez breaks down his favorite looks, and lets you know how to recreate them at home, with Show Beauty's new styling line.

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1. Shakira

"Nothing is sexier than our curly girls embracing their natural texture. Well-moisturized, and maintained curls will always look romantic and flirty. After rinsing out your conditioner, mix a couple drops of a moisturizing hair oil like SHOW Beauty Pure Treatment Oil with your favorite gel or mousse and gently squeeze your product into your hair, allowing your curls to fall in their natural position. Air dry or use a diffuser, but absolutely no touching during the drying process to get perfect, frizz-free curls!"  

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2. Jennifer Lopez

"For our women who dare to be bold, I love this swept-back look. It's fresh, young, confident, and is perfect for those with strong cheekbones and jaw lines. Smooth all of your hair back with a boar-bristle or nylon-mixture paddle brush, building in some volume at the crown. Spray a strong hold mist like SHOW Beauty's Premiere Working Texture Spray on the palms of your hands and run them through your hair, pushing it back. Set the style with the SHOW Beauty Premiere Finishing Spray for long-lasting hold and shine."

3. Sofia Vergara

"If you're lucky enough to live somewhere warm or tropical year-round, try this romantic take on a ponytail for your next night out. Apply your favorite volumizing product (mine is SHOW Beauty's Lux Volume Mist) and give your hair a smooth blow dry. Give a slight tease at the crown, before gently sweeping your hair to the base of your neck, leaving out your face-framing layers. The key to this look is a smooth finish, so take your time pulling your hair back.

*TIP: Spray your hair brush with hair spray before brushing it into place. This will give you a perfectly smooth finish and knock down any fly-aways, not to mention make your hair super-shiny!"

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4. Jessica Alba

"If you struggle with your natural waves and making them look sleek and controlled like Jessica Alba's, try this: Let your hair air dry naturally (this is also great for second-day hair if you had to skip your morning shampoo!). Then, apply one to two quarter-sized amounts of a thickening product like SHOW Beauty's Divine Thickening Lotion and squeeze into your hair lengthwise. Next, take a 1 1/4-inch barrel curling iron and curl 1-inch square sections of hair along your hair line and part. To get her effortless waves, gently wind the sections of hair around the entire length of the barrel to get the loosest, but most natural waves possible. Add a ittle dry shampoo in the crown and you're ready to go!"

SHOW Beauty Divine Thickening Lotion is available at Net-A-Porter.

5. Gina Rodriguez

"My favorite trick to this sexy tousled look on Latina cover star, Gina Rodriguez? Hot rollers! Taking cue from the Puerto Rican and Dominican salon tradition of 'rollo's try this: Apply a lightweight heat protectant like SHOW Beauty's Sheer Thermal Protect (I love it because it's lightweight, but still has some hold to it and has the highest level of heat protection in the market, available at net-a-porter.) and layer a good golf ball-size of SHOW Beauty's Lux Volume Mousse on top of it. Flip your head upside down and rough dry your hair until 80-90% dry, before smoothing it out with a large, round, boar or nylon-bristol brush. (This creates more bounce in the hair.)

*Curly girls — skip this step and blow dry your hair smooth and bouncy, but not stick straight. Now, wind your hair around your favorite hot rollers (my favorite are from T3, but Conair makes great ones you can also pick up at your local drugstore), then let them cool down while you apply your makeup and once released gently rake through with your hands for a perfect, sexy tousled finish. A deep-side-part and a couple drops of SHOW Beauty's Treatment Oil (available at net-a-porter.)and this look is sure to set anyone's heart on fire."