A Salon for All Hair Textures

It’s no lie some hair salons cater to only certain kinds of hair textures—whether they advertise that fact, or not. So if you have very naturally curly hair, for example, you might not feel welcome, understood, or best served in every salon you enter. Here’s great news: Opening this week is Hair Rules New York, a Manhattan salon created to service strands of all textures, shapes and shades. Run by A. Dickey, celebrity stylist who started the Hair Rules hair care line of products (hairrules.com), the space is stocked with hair experts who understand multi-textured manes, as well as how to work with them and enhance their natural beauty—without automatically reaching for a flatiron! It’s a beautifully diverse world, and here’s a place created to celebrate it.

Hair Rules New York, 828 Ninth Avenue, 212-315-2929