Recession-Proof Your Hair

We understand that the economy is taking a toll on all of our wallets, but a girl should never be asked to sacrifice her beauty! So we spoke with Mia, a part-Mexicana San Francisco Color Specialist with 15 years of experience, to get some expert advice on how to recession-proof your hair. Here are some rules you should follow to maintain your manes color:

  1. Dye your hair a shade close to your natural color. Mia says this allows you more time between touch ups and makes new growth less noticeable.
  2. Try a glaze. A semi permanent color can erase brassiness and buy you an extra week or two between touch ups.
  3. Wash your hair less often. “If you don’t want your color to change, don’t wash it,” recommends Mia.
  4. Protect your tresses from the sun! Sunscreens aren't enough, you need a physical barrier, “If you really want to preserve your hair color wear a hat, or a chic hair scarf,” says Mia. This is especially important for brunettes, Mia warns, “You don’t want hair to get brassy.”
  5. DIY hair dye. To prevent your hair from being over processed, dye only new growth and use a heavy conditioner to comb through the rest of your hair. “Use semi-permanent color so if you botch it, it will rinse out and there will be no tell tale lines,” adds Mia.
  6. For virgin hair. “Find a photo of someone who has a similar skin tone and has the hair color you want,” suggests Mia, “You can present something to the colorist that you may not be able to verbalize yourself.”

For more info about Mia, check out her site or peep her favorite products for colored hair below!

  • Morroccan Hair Oil “Great for styling fine hair.”
  • Kerastase Oleo Relax “It’s good for straightening thick curly hair, cuts drying hair time in half, and gives more shine than I’ve ever seen.”
  • Devachan’s No Poo Shampoo “Like lotion for the hair, this has peppermint and it tingles, so it feels clean. The detergents in normal shampoo strip the hair of color. Sulfate free shampoos are a must for color treated hair.”