POLL: Help Our Online Editor Mariela Pick a New Hair Style!

This past year I've experienced a bunch of milestones: I turned 30 and got married! But the one constant in my life has almost always been my long hair.

Recently, I came across my middle school yearbook (yes, I'm a pack rat) and my new hubby proclaimed, "Oh my god, you look EXACTLY the same." Sure, some may have taken it as a compliment, but I was horrified, because I looked at my 13-year-old self and realized he was spot on. There I was, with the same exact haircut (or lack thereof) I've basically been rocking my whole life. I had a period in college when I went radically short, but I've pretty much been growing my hair out ever since. My determination to have long locks only doubled when I was planning my wedding—I literally haven't cut my hair since August, 2010.

Then, one day last month I woke up, looked in the mirror and marched straight to our wonderful beauty editor Kate Sandoval determined to change up my style. Here's the catch: I want you, our loyal Latina readers, to help me decide which look I should go for.

After talking with Kate, we chose three cuts that would fit both my oval face shape and my hair texture, which is medium-thick with a mix of curls and waves (photographic evidence below). The choices are: Camila Alves's super-long layered locks, shorter layers and a long side bang ala Eva Mendes, or Salma Hayek's above-the-shoulder choppy bob.

So now it's up to you to determine my next look! Vote below and check back in next week to see how this experiment turned out. Thanks in advance for all your help, chicas.