POLL: Demi Lovato Goes Ginger!

Yesterday, Latina cover girl Demi Lovato tweeted her fans a shocking new self-portrait!

The 19-year-old "Skyscraper" singer transformed her look, going from her highlighted brunette color to a fiery red.  The makeover comes almost exactly a year after Demi left the Jonas Brothers tour and entered rehab for eating and emotional issues.   

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This isn’t the first time Demi’s flirted with red. In July, she was spotted with reddish-brown ombré highlights. They then lightened up to a caramel-blond color for the past couple of months—until now.

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Apparently Demi had her fans waiting for her big reveal all weekend. On Saturday, she tweeted, “Changing my hair today…. :)”

Then on Sunday she showed off a photo of her long, glossy amber-red strands, tweeting, “Just woke up from a nap.. Can’t believe I fell asleep before tweeting this……. ;)” 

So what do you think of our girl’s new ginger hair color?