One Night Only: Temporary Hair Extensions

Shaki, Xtina and Pau Pau may all have long, lustrous locks, but you don't really think they always sport them au natural, do you? Every star (and star-in-the-making) knows that good hair extensions can spruce up your look just as much as couture gowns or Louboutins. If you have a special event like a wedding or an awards ceremony where you absolutely need to have big, festive hair, don’t worry about taking out that second mortgage—it's not like you can with today’s economy—to finance pricey extensions. Just rent the weave! For $100 a night, Warren Tricomi Salons (visit for locations) will apply and style long, faux tresses of 100% human hair in nine be-weavable shades. After you return them they will sanitize the hair and groom them to thicken and lengthen the mane of the next customer.

—Serena Kim