Are You into the Ombre Hair Trend? Soon, You'll Be Able to DIY!

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The ombre hair trend is nothing new: cool girls (from around the world!) have been creating the dip-dye, dark-to-light look for some time now. Celebrities have also jumped on the bandwagon, showing off their locks in press conferences and red carpets (including Daisy Fuentes herself!). But there's new excitement in the hair trend: soon, you'll be able to do it at home, thanks to L'Oreal Paris.

The new Feria Wild Ombre kit ($13) will hit stores in February, and will help you achieve that oh-so-awesome look with a patented lightening agent. But the secret is in the comb, which distributes just the right amount of product. You place the treatment on this patented little tool and streak your hair with the product. Let sit for the recommended amount of time, and viola: you're done!

The company's consulting hair colorist, French stylist Christophe Robin, recommends treating your hair before for great coverage. "Do a mask to condition and prepare hair a week before to mend the ends," he advises. "Also turning the brush horizontally might look too defined but if turned vertical, you will get a more natural look."

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