5 Spring Hairstyles You're Going to Want to Try Right Now

Warm weather-friendly 'dos that don't require 70 products and 10 hours to pull off? Now, that's something we can get behind. We turned to celebrity stylist Marcos Trueba, who works at Sally Hershberger LA, to break down these looks for us:

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1. Diane Guerrero

Center-parts are the new black.

"The trick for the perfect center-part starts with a clean parting and product," says Trueba. "Prep towel-dried hair with Sally Hershberger’s 24K Root Envy Root Boost from root-to-ends and blow dry hair straight. Flat iron hair for that polished look and finish off the style by applying Sally’s 24K Paste to keep down any flyaways. For added shine, spray hair with Sally’s Smooth Fix.

2. Joan Smalls

Straight up now tell us: don't you want her hair?

"My favorite product for heat protection is Sally’s Super Keratin Spray, can be used wet to blow dry into the hair and dry to finish off a style. I have always been and am still obsessed with my Croc Titanium Flat Iron — it heats up quickly and lasts long when taken care of."

3. Portia De Rossi

Effortless glam at its best.

"What I love about Portia’s updo is that it's easily achievable and anyone can do it at home. The easiest way to recreate this look is by prepping your towel-dried hair with Sally’s 24K Root Lift, spraying from root-to-ends to add more texture. Rough-dry your hair to remove extra moisture, then spray Sally’s 24K Think Big Dry Shampoo through the hair for more body. Separate hair into 4 sections, top, sides and back, and starting in the back create a low pony, then build a small amount of volume at top by teasing at the root and connect it into your pony. Then take the sides and connect it into your pony. Lastly, add a little more dry shampoo and twist and pin hair into a messy bun."

4. Jenna Dewan

Date night 'DO.

"Jenna’s look works because it's not over-styled, yet it's still polished. To create this look, prep hair with Sally’s 24K Root Lift and blow dry. Find your parting, then take horizontal sections starting from the bottom and with a 1-inch curling iron begin to loosely wave hair, alternating the direction of your curls for added texture. Finish off the look with Sally’s 24K Dry Shampoo and Salon Smooth Fix."

5. Becky G

The ultimate boho braid.

"For this look, it's important to prep your hair to create body. Start by prepping towel-dried hair with Sally’s 24K Root Lift from roots-to-ends and blow dry into hair creating as much volume as possible. What's important with creating a textured fishtail braid, is to create a very clean braid. From there, you can start pulling apart the braid where you want volume and messiness. Creating a messy braid from the beginning will give you just that — it's better to begin with a precise style, then deconstruct from there."