New 'Do Every Day: Sofia Vergara’s Bombshell Blowout

Sofia Vergara recently reaffirmed that she loves her body and although she was probably talking about her curvy figure, she could’ve been talking about her hair. The Modern Family star's strands are always smooth with just the right amount of bounce and bend.

Beauty Transformation: Sofia Vergara

Luckily, there’s an easy trick for getting Sofia’s sexy body:

Rough-dry your hair till it’s almost dry.

Pin back all of it except a two-inch section. Blow dry this section, pulling a 1-inch round brush through strands until it’s completely smooth and dry. 

Put your brush down, and twist the section with your fingers. Gently drop the section. It’ll naturally unwind a bit, but should stay somewhat twisted.

Do this to all of your hair. Then shake your head slightly, unwinding your strands completely to reveal a perfect bend.

So much easier than getting her other curves!