New 'Do Every Day: Nicole Richie’s Pigtail Braids

Braids at the beach are as good a summertime pair as strawberries and whipped cream or flip flops at the pool. As chill mama Nicole Richie clearly knows, pigtail braids stop strands from frizzing and keep them out of her face on a breezy day.

To get the look:

This one’s easy! Let your hair fall into its natural part (center or side), then divide it into two equal sections. Pull each in front of your shoulders, and start to braid it. This summer, the trend is to make the braids extra wide and messy. If you have thick hair, you can just braid it loosely, but if you have fine hair like Nicole’s, clip-in extensions (like the HairDo 22” ones) to fatten up your braids. Top the look off with a wide-brim hat like Nicole’s. On the beach, it works double-duty, keeping your style in place and blocking your face from the sun’s harsh rays!