New 'Do Every Day: Nicole Richie’s Braidy Bunch!

Nicole Richie is officially the queen of braids.

Check out her other braided looks here!

But this may just be our favorite braid look yet! The dual weave makes the trendsetter look super summery and cute (and the pink lipstick—which you can see how to copy here—is awesome too!).

The adorable double braids start as French braids then become fishtail braids halfway down. Clearly this isn’t the easiest look to try yourself, but if you want to give it a go, here’s how:

-Part your hair in the middle.

-Starting at the front of your part, gather three small sections and begin to braid them, adding hair to each section as you braid.

-Once you reach your ear, re-divide the hair into just two sections.

-Now pull strands from the outer edge of one section and cross it over, adding it to the inner edge of the other section. Keep doing this (alternating sides) until you get close to your ends.
-Tie the braid with a clear band.

-Now repeat all these steps on the other side of your head….or check out (easier) sexy summer braid styles!